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Wilbur Soot – Dropshipped Cat Shirt Lyrics | LyricsRock

Dropshipped Cat Shirt Lyrics : The song “Dropshipped Cat Shirt” sung by Wilbur Soot is a latest addition to the English music, featured in the album “Mammalian Sighing Reflex”. Lyrics of this song are penned down by Wilbur Soot and music for this track was also produced by Wilbur Soot.

Wilbur Soot - Dropshipped Cat Shirt Lyrics | LyricsRock

Dropshipped Cat Shirt Song Details
Singer : Wilbur Soot
Album : Mammalian Sighing Reflex
Lyrics : Wilbur Soot
Music : Wilbur Soot

Dropshipped Cat Shirt Lyrics

Skinny jeans on the bench press
You burn the candle at both ends
If anyone asks why, then they’re not worth your time

Why am I so out of breath?
Club sandwich pressed in north end
Grittled shank on rye
A gunshot at half time

Adoration of the mystic land
That idea of me, who was that man?
A wooly picket line
Intestinal red wine
Now it’s hard not to suspect
Your lying tell is bated breath
I inhale for suspense
You triggered my mammalian sighing reflex

So I take everything as a lesson
Something I trained out of myself
With mindless self-indulging confidence
Indulge me in whatever quick release I could muster
Social media, carbohydrates and cannabis, the world was my oyster
And I was the knife by which they’d shuck
But now he’s dead, he’s gone
I fucking start anew
I’m a developmental beast, wrong version of myself
Sixteen bathrooms
Sixteen bedrooms
Sixteen fridges
64-bit computers
Fifteen of them
Oh how nice it must be
To feel so bored

I just need to find someone to tell me
I’m just tired

Dropshipped Cat Shirt (Audio)