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Lil Dicky – Harrison Ave Lyrics

Harrison Ave Lyrics : This song sung by Lil Dicky, is a brand-new addition to the English music, featured in the album “Penith (The DAVE Soundtrack)”. Lyrics of this song are penned by Lil Dicky and music for this track was produced by benny blanco.

Lil Dicky - Harrison Ave Lyrics

Harrison Ave Song Details
Singer : Lil Dicky
Album : Penith (The DAVE Soundtrack)
Lyrics : Lil Dicky
Music : benny blanco

Harrison Ave Lyrics

Let’s take it back (Hey, hey)
Let’s take it back (Hey)

I didn’t have a chance
I was walking with my bag down the street to Harrison Ave
Summer’s over, back to class, way before I had a sedan
Hit the bus stop and then glanced at the kids and then bam
I saw Brittany for the first time, I was in a trance
Who the hell was this? New chick I never met
Was friends with girls, but I hadn’t really been attracted to nobody yet
But 8th grade was going crazy, this b*tch was so amazing
Walked up and said: “Hi, I’m Dave,” and then shit changed
She told me she just movеd into town
I knew it, no doubt, I loved this girl inside and out
Hеr beautiful smile, her hair and her style were drivin’ me wild
We sat together on the bus, we sat together every lunch
She has me switching up to polos and ditching yo-yo’s
I went from moving solo dolo to being so O-B-S-E-double-S-E-D
Thought about her constantly, on Kazaa burning her CDs
‘Cause I saw her and she saw me (Aw)
But back then, I was gross (Eugh)
I’d do the most for a joke (Ah)
I’d show my a**hole to girls (Man)
And I just really wasn’t the brand of guy that would get the girls
I had no facial hair, just curls
And all my friends had kissed a girl except me
And I just wanted to be realistic about it
I didn’t want to mess the whole thing up (No)
And I just loved being around her
So I took the best friend route (Oh)
That shit was so fun I don’t care what any of you guys say
The hottest girl I ever met tickling my arm, going to the mall with her, chatting on AOL all night
We talked about plenty things, everything we could
How he parents treated her and how she felt misunderstood
She would tell me shit on AIM in person that she never could
I talked her through it
I took a ton of pride up in the fact that I made her feel good
Started hanging out up in the basements
Playin’ “Spin the Bottle”, watchin’ her turn land on Jason
I closed my eyes until we played the “Nervous Game”
Where I would place my hand up on her breast over her bra
That was incredible, that was raw, I jerked off to that all fall
Winter snow days watching the television like: “Come on”
Seeing what the hell they call, hit the landline and I call
Hope she picks up, not her mom
But you’ll never know what’s coming
When you’re young and you’re in love
High school next year, this a problem
Sophmores, juniors, seniors, everybody saw her
I remember browsing Blockbuster with her
When this senior cocksucker told her she looked beautiful
She blushed, he was popular, I just stood to the side and waited
Obviously, they started dating
Harrison Ave. just wasn’t the same without her
No bus stop, he drove her to school
In a car with rims and real big bass
Hated this guy, hated their vibe, I hated his face
I waited for the demise but it never seemed to happen
She was too attached and he latched on
Now she leavin’ my friend group
Smokin’, drinkin’ with them dudes
Oh no, we are not ready for that
We got pizza by the slice, big ol’ shoutout to “Frank’s”
Thats where I was when I found out that they were having sex (F*ck)
I hit the beach just to meet her, but they already left
And her presence was missed, but she still my best friend
Mozzarella sticks, I never sat with her at lunch
I strategize my hallway walk so I could see her some
The only class we had together, Spanish, what the f*ck
I was Carlos, she was Mia
Why did they make us choose Spanish names, by the way?
Isn’t that insane? (Yes) I digress
Of course he cheated on her, she would call me so depressed
But she kept goin’ back, mapquestin’, printin’ out directions
I designated drive to his parties, that shit was so-
I was soft, I was p*ssy, I was weak, I was lame
But whatever, I’m in 9th grade, what the hell could I say? (Uh)
But one time I stayed home, his party got busted by the popo
It made me so so so so so so happy
He got grounded and the dance was this week (Ha)
I never went to those, but now she could just stay home with me (Hey)
Why didn’t I go to them?
Okay, ’cause I was scared of getting boners on the dance floor
The whole thing was overwhelming, it was just a bizarre social situation
I didn’t drink, everyone did, whatever, back to the story
I was excited to just chill with her, return to our glory
Then she like: “Dave, wait, we should go to the dance together” (Huh?)
“Just be my date!”
I’m like: “What?” She like, “Yeah”
I’m like: “Uuh”
I came and came, my brain just said yes (Ya)
Popularity-wise, this is a jetpack, and I miss my friend
And obviously I was fully in love with her, so I said, “Okay, no problem”
I got my suit with my mama
Then we all met up at a fella’s house to take a few pics
Sixteen girls, sixteen guys, parents filming this shit (Ooh)
I pull up with my mama, oh my god there’s a problem
The f*cking guy isn’t grounded, he’s really there with his arm around her
I couldn’t believe it, she said that he showed up and surprised her
And then of course somebody’s like: “We gotta take a wide pic” (Everyone)
Thirty-three people, only one had no date
My mama asking me why, but I felt way too ashamed
So I just lied, I told her that I knew this was happening
And that everything was good, and I could not abandon that
So I went with them, in the limo, in the dinner
Macaroni Grill, I’m the thirty-third wheel, is this is real?
But it got worse, right before the bill
A bunch of waiters and waitresses bringing cake to my table
They’re all singing happy birthday to me
(What) Happy birthday to me
Not my birthday, and of course this f*cking restaurant has this custom
Where you gotta stand up on the table
And wave a f*cking napkin while everyone stares
I saw the older guys laugh, so I just played into it
I’m on the table dancing, embarrassed, but no one knew it
Except Britney, and she had been drinking, shit
The water bottle full of liquor lower than my confidence
I said I had to piss, hoping that she would just follow me
She did, and I walked right past the bathroom into the parking lot
Where I told her, I told her everything on my mind, I told her everything
Every single song that made me think about her every day
Everybody said that we’re just kids, but that never changed
The fact that to this kid, you were his everything
The next part I will never forget
She walked right up to me slowly, then she gave me a kiss
First kiss, oh, no way, no, oh my god (Woah)
Then she said: “I love you too”
I didn’t believe her at first, I thought she was drunk (Oh, my god)
But then the next day she was singing the same song? (Wooo)
She ran over to my crib and was all over me
We started kissing, touching, blushing, gushing
There was no humping yet, not then, but I would settle for love
Got my first handjob in a park, really came out the mud
I couldn’t believe it was a dream
I planted my seed on Harrison Avenue yet again
I really did it, huh? (Yeah)
And then all of a sudden, it was done
Just a month long, and then she moved on
I never knew someone could make you feel so right and so wrong
So good and so bad, either way I had what I had
And to show me I was who I was, and that I was worthy of love

I love you girl (I’m still emotional [?])
I love you girl (I’m still [?])
I love you girl