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Lil Dicky – HAHAHA Lyrics

HAHAHA Lyrics : This song sung by Lil Dicky, is a brand-new addition to the English music, featured in the album “Penith (The DAVE Soundtrack)”. Lyrics of this song are written by Lil Dicky and music for this track was produced by Jasper Harris.

Lil Dicky - HAHAHA Lyrics

HAHAHA Song Details
Singer : Lil Dicky
Album : Penith (The DAVE Soundtrack)
Lyrics : Lil Dicky
Music : Jasper Harris


That’s a joke, that’s a joke
Ha-ha-ha (Ha), they gettin’ roast (They gettin’ roast)
Ha-ha-ha (That’s a joke), that’s a joke (Ha-ha)
Ha-ha-ha (Ha), what a joke (Ha, ha-ha-ha)

Aw, yeah, yeah, yeah
I’m get the last laugh, now, right here
I remember I was gettin’ by ’til I had to get it all
Could just be a movie star now, but I’m just gettin’ to the punchline of everything
So buckle up ’cause this a long ride like a limousine
My girl love when I spoon her all night like vanilla bean, I like drinkin’ Hennessy
I got a lot of rappers in mе, pause, now they wrapped around my fingеr, wedding ring
Everything got aligned and up
Super calculated like a TI-83 Plus (Woah)
I was out in China, gettin’ the bread, rappin’ to ’em
No, I wasn’t but you believe me ’cause I’m the type of guy that could be rappin’ out in China, I’m swimmin’ in vag*na
I get it, I do it, sometimes I f*ck for fitness (Woo)
I got the p*ssy off Olympics, sweatin’ like Olympics
I need to take a breather but she pleadin’ say she need it
Back to back to back (Uh), like I’m Kobe, Shaq
I don’t know but I got Storch Scott up in my ear and he like, “Dave, you gotta booya on that back” (Yeah)
If I went back on Bumble, bet the servers probably crumble, I am just another mogul ’til I’m not one
It’s hard to say nothin’ like you up on Hot Ones
I just got the new facts, and they say I’m top one
Women shave they p*ssy smooth, lookin’ like a Ken doll, should’ve said a Barbie doll, oh well
Goodbye, au revoir
Y’all in limbo, raised the bar
I get on racks like my arm bar (Uh)
I gave my best friend my old car (Uh)
I tried to tell you, I’m a winner, it’s just a matter of when (Woo)
I hit the club up with the players then get brunch with JM (Facts)
All this smoke, these gold singles make me pow
If the shit ain’t platinum, what the f*ck we talking ’bout
Baby, I just bought a house
Baby, ain’t no shoes allowed
Baby, my girl so God damn tanned
She look racially ambiguous, picture this
I’m on prime time, gettin’ head while I watch myself up on prime time
Gettin’ head while I watch myself up on prime time
Gettin’ head and I’m even in a few commercials
And the commercial breaks sellin’ sex
Litterally what’s your hundo?
I got the block on lock like I’m Mutombo (Ooh, yeah)
The way I write, you might as well call me Drumbo (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
This check for me or am I seein’ double?
I would lift weights at the gym but then I’m like, “Why?” (Why would I do that?)
I’m a nice guy, gas when I walk by
I just got a package in the mail and I f*cked twice
Juggin’, finessin’, LeBron up in my mentions
They peanut butter jealous, I’m on her like Nutella
These motherf*ckers, they done lost me, everything I’m doin’ lofty
I’m kinda wearin’ on ’em like a soft tee, I got it ground up like coffee
I had an ’06 write it up, wildin out
Back in ’06, I was talkin about graduatin’, now I’m on Wild “N Out
Time has changed, got a lil grayness in my hair, I don’t care
I gotta face it, I ain’t never know how the money payment workin’
There’s a person, couple people probably, I don’t even bother
Big up to the father, he be so responsible and so logical
What am I even doin’? Why am I rappin’ like this? I’m such a loser
I hate when rappers try to rap fast
Make the kids dance (Ayy), women lick my an*s (Woah)
Think pieces on me, New York Times, I made it (Woah)
I’m f*ckin’ like a fable, doggy style why she kegels
Then we eat a couple bagels with The LOX word to Jada (Jada told me I’m the best)
And guess what? I’m the it guy for America (Oh)
Don’t mind me, I’m over here just redefinin’ the alpha male (Woo)
Don’t mind me, I’m over here just gettin’ all the opps (All the opps)
How they rappin’? I been workin’ on my craft, makin it happen (Work, work)
We should make a bracket
Don’t forget that I’m the comedian, but I’m better than the rappers?

That’s a joke, that’s a joke
Ha-ha-ha (Ha), they gettin’ roast (They gettin’ roast)
Ha-ha-ha (That’s a joke), that’s a joke (Ha-ha)
Ha-ha-ha (Ha), what a joke (Ha, ha-ha-ha)

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