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destination: home Lyrics – Scrim

destination: home Lyrics by Scrim is a new inclusion in English music, featured in the album “LONELY BOY”, sung by Scrim. Budd Dwyer produced the music for this song while Scott Arceneaux Jr. penned down the lyrics.

destination: home Lyrics - Scrim

destination: home Song Details
Singer : Scrim
Lyrics : Scott Arceneaux Jr.
Music : Dynox, Lucid1k, Budd Dwyer

destination: home Lyrics

Wondering where I been yeah
I done transcended
I done made it up to the heavens
Even as I’m counting blessings
Still gripping weapons
I know homies out there doing 211s yeah

I been getting death threats
Still I’m out in the field
Too many hoes got my name tatted
You gon’ have to show me something else
Like would you love me on them pills?
Send me letters in a detox
Or do me like them other hoes
Take it all and leave me cleaned out

I keep watching all my fam die
All these hoes they be fanned out
Got no trust for a damn thot
They couldn’t handle what I’m really on
Pop a pill, get my kidneys going
In the ville with the semi on
Hard to stand so I lean on
If I’m ducking let me dream on


Dream on
Whoa dream on whoa
Dream on
Whoa dream on whoa

Coming out my muh f*cking body
Choppa with me and it’s sitting shotty
Spoiled b*tch with a new body
In the valley swerving Maserati
I could never tell you how it feel
Independent I don’t sign a deal
Za up in the vacuum seal
Washing Xan with some chamomile

Think I lost my brain yeah
Mortgage on the chain yeah
Codeine in my veins yeah
In the field with the gang whoa
North side what we bang whoa
Get a b*tch get her trained whoa
Don’t know the shake he ain’t gang no

Breaking legs on a voodoo doll
Talk to spirits I know who to call
Word is scripture like my name was Paul
I got razors tucked up in my jaw

Yeam hmm
Turn the city grey ya ya
For my opps I pray yaya
Right before they slayed yaya
PCP the cig yaya
F*ck her ’til she piss yaya
Wait too lit to live yaya
“Russian roulette” click yaya

Feed the pigs they won’t leave no bones
Chrome cowboy Jerry Jones
I get high ’til I’m all alone

Dream on
Whoa dream on whoa
Dream on
Whoa dream on whoa

Dream on
Whoa dream on whoa
Dream on
Whoa dream on whoa

You know, I remember that one time I was talking to my brother on the phone
And he said, you know, I know you got stage, I know you got these people around you
I know you got your money, I know you got this, I know you got that
And it’s just, you know, naming off a bunch of stuff
And he was like, “I want you to know that I see you”
I don’t know what the f*ck he meant by that
I’m like, “What does that mean?”
And he was like, “You still all alone”